Three Tips to Become More Minimalist from Millennial Who Quit Job

minimalistDo you ever feel like you simply have too much stuff? That’s exactly how Joshua Fields Millburn felt.

Per a Business Insider piece, he was a director of operations at a large telecom company in the Midwest. Well, he had to devise a plan to terminate over three dozen employees. Among the names at the top of the list? His own.

Per the piece, after shedding his job and fancy title (did we mention the huge house with packed closets?), he became a minimalist. He literally cleared the clutter from his life and during an eight month period, he ceased buying things he simply didn’t need. In addition, he gave away most of his possessions and moved into a one bedroom apartment.

According to his new book, Everything That Remains, after he shed materialistic things in his life, other areas consequently opened up like relationships and health.

He told Business Insider, “I had wrapped up my identity in my career and status, but started to realize that it wasn’t in line with my beliefs.” The 32 year-old dropped 80 pounds and moved to a small town in Montana. He shared these tips to bring more joy in your life.

1. Ask yourself questions. How would your life improve if you had less stuff? Think about the purpose of your possessions as well as cleaning out. Sure, decluttering your closet is one thing but will it just get filled again? Understand the purpose behind decluttering.

2. Get rid of one thing each day for a month. Decluttering experts have said if you bring one item home like a new pair of shoes, you should ditch a pair you already own. This is similar to that train of thought. By getting rid of one thing every day for an entire month, it’ll build momentum to stay on a decluttering binge.

3. Recruit a friend to help. Millburn pointed out decluttering is boring so it’s better to have an “accountability buddy” to help you. It can make it more fun and also motivate you.