Three Things Employers Want to See When They Google You

Google logoHave you Googled yourself lately? Seriously.

Employers are certainly doing it during the recruiting process and while they’re looking for various red flags (keg stands, anyone?), they’re also looking for a few key things to show you’re a stellar candidate.

Here are a few of them, courtesy of a post from The Savvy Intern.

1. Are you likeable? Do you play well in the sandbox? Employers want their workers to be professional but also well liked. Assertive but not arrogant. It’s not surprising that employers seek to hire people who are friendly, reliable, confident and oh yes, stable.

2. Appropriate endorsements. Employers leverage your recommendations to get a handle on your professionalism as well as your connections. The piece points out, “Employers use your recommendations and connections to gauge your proficiency and trustworthiness. Specifically, glowing recommendations and connections to people employers know and trust increase the chances of an interview or offer.”

3. Consistency. Is your public persona consistent? Employers are looking for candidates who have specifically crafted their online presence. The piece mentions, “Employers interpret inconsistencies between your offline and online presence as potential deception.”