Three Reporters to Help Replace Adam Nagourney at New York Times Political Desk

Adam Nagourney’s move from political reporting for The New York Times to the head of the paper’s Los Angeles bureau has resulted in several shifts in its Washington coverage.

Politico‘s Michael Calderone has a memo from Times Executive Editor Bill Keller detailing the changes.

Reporters Jeff Zeleny, Matt Bai and Jim Rutenberg will all be taking on new positions following Nagourney’s departure. As the New York Observer‘s John Koblin points out, the most interesting move might be Bai’s shift from the Times Magazine to the newspaper, where he will pen a political column. Zeleny will be the political reporter, and Rutenberg will handle investigations.

In the memo, Keller effectively says that Nagourney’s move to the L.A. bureau necessitates a reconception of the Times‘ political reporting, and that the paper will now deploy the three reporters to fill Nagourney’s shoes:

In contemplating Adam’s move, we realized that the day of the lone national political correspondent has passed. The incessant demands of print and Web, the mushrooming of competition in the field, our readers’ expectations that we will be their most authoritative and thoughtful source of information and analysis — all these things call for a new approach. And that is what we have come up with.
Our new politics triumvirate.

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