Thoughts From Tony…

Some Tony Snow comments from this morning’s Christian Science Monitor Breakfast:

  • Steve Scully is in the process of reworking the press briefing room seating chart to, in part, help cure “first two row-itis” (the fact that only the first two rows get to ask questions, usually). “I’m happy to sit around and answer questions as long as necessary,” Snow said. “I don’t think it’s responsible to shut people down and that’s not our aim.”

  • “The press secretary’s job is a reporting job…If I don’t have the information available, I go get it.”

  • “The most pleasant surprise about this job has been how fun it is.”

  • “This job has been far more fun, far more interesting and far more stimulating than I expected.”

  • WH reporters are “interesting people who have fun and operate under unusual restraints.”

  • “I’ve never had a day when I’ve gone home and kicked the dog out of frustration.” (He said he only does that out of sheer pleasure…Just kidding.)

  • “I can’t think of another job that I would willingly wake up as early as I do for.”

  • “It’s just a really fun and interesting job.”

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