Thomas Jane Revisits Controversial LA Times Remarks

As we reported earlier this fall, the tabloid media went to town after Hung leading man Thomas Jane made some colorful remarks in an LA Times interview about his early days in Hollywood. Even though the actor at no point said that he prostituted himself to older men, that’s what was parsed.

At the end of a new interview with executive editor Anna Davidconducted before this week’s announcement that Hung has been canceled by HBO, Jane sought to debunk that messy LA Times media trail:

“In the interviews that I did, I never said I was a prostitute. I was talking about my [early] time in Hollywood: I said that I’d had a sexually adventurous time and I was trying to relate that to how I play a prostitute on TV—trying to relate my experience to my character’s experience—and well, people heard what they wanted to hear. Things fly around.”

“I didn’t even know this was out there until people told me. I suppose “sexually adventurous youth” wasn’t as much of a headline grabber.”

Jane also recounted to David the infamous 2008 night during which he was pulled over four separate times by the CHP while traveling back to LA from Northern California. His blood-alcohol content and increasing rates of speed finally landed him in a Bakersfield jail.

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