This Week’s Assignment: Design the Next Game to Last 1,000 Years, Win a Prize, Become Immortal

Did you make a half-inebriated New Year’s resolution this year that you’d spend 2011 really trying to challenge yourself as a designer? If so, we’re encouraging you to keep to your goals with perhaps the most difficult contest ever. Art Director, game designer and blogger Daniel Solis has launched The Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge. With it, he’s asking people to submit game designs that will last the test of time (think chess or tag or solitaire). He’s giving you until July 31st to come up with something and $1000 to the winning entry, which doesn’t seem like much given that he’s asking for someone to come up with something that’s essentially immortal. However, at the close of the contest information, he clearly states that you’ll maintain all the rights to your game, as well as all the riches that come with it. He just wants to see, first hand, the birth of a game people will be playing for the next century. Time’s a-wasting, so get cracking.