This Week On “Trendy European City Makeover”


It’s about time Berlin got a new tagline; “We’re Just Over the Wall” feels so 1989. Luckily, Art Center is holding a press conference Friday to announce their “Fresh Eyes Berlin” campaign, a rebranding of the fair German city. The collaboration with Goethe-Institut Los Angeles will declare Berlin the next economic and cultural center of the world. Better hurry up and visit before it gets ruined:

An international team of students and faculty from Art Center will live and work in Berlin for 14 weeks where they will set up a design studio, examine a city from an outsiders’ perspective, and create a new matrix for understanding, interfacing and representing the city of Berlin. The project will culminate with the unveiling of a new and fresh brand for the German capital that communicates its true potential as an international cultural and industrial center. This project is an example of Art Center’s real-world approach to design education, dedicated to graduating leaders committed to using design as a force for positive social change. This also celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Sister City friendship between Berlin and Los Angeles.