This Week In Pool Reports

Hey tourists! Were you on a Tourmobile staring at the Jefferson last week? Look to your left next time — that was the President.

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  • “Unlike Tucson, where curious crowds gathered, there is little acknowledgement of the presidential motorcade as it speeds through the sprawl from Ellington Field toward downtown.” — Dan Eggen, The Washington Post

  • “Pool reluctantly departed Mr. Harlan’s scenic Napa Valley estate and wine cellar to journey back to the helicopters at about 7:35 local time.” — Eggen

  • “The small pool — no cameras — was led to tenth-row seats on the far right side of the church and saw no major government officials until the president and Mr. Cheney and their wives arrived at 9:55. Recognized within view of the pool were Alexis Simendinger, Peter Baker, David Gregory, Terry Hunt, Bill Plante, Howard Fineman and Newt Gingrich.” — Sullivan

  • “Until the proceedings got under way at 10:10, an organ played unremarkable incidental music. Archbishop of Washington Donald W. Wuerl; the Rev. David M. O’Connell, president of the Catholic University of America; and Monsignor Walter R. Rossi, rector of the basilica, presided over the mass, with Rossi the principal celebrant. They walked the length of the main aisle and met the brown wood casket at the front doors of the church. Pallbearers were Robbie Snow, Steven Snow, Gary Kowalczyk, Bert Ashbrook and Peyton Marshall.” — Sullivan

  • “The president took a low lectern, not the pulpit, and delivered a eulogy, which should be transcribed, welcoming dignitaries but ‘most importantly the Snow family.’ The president called Snow a ‘cherished friend’ who had ‘uncommon decency and compassion,’ served as a ‘role model,’ and as a press secretary who translated “my English into English.’ The president said Snow ‘held strong beliefs and reveled in defending them.’ He noted that Snow had been the first working journalist to serve as press secretary for decades. He said Snow had a ‘fierce and challenging intellect.’ And he mentioned Snow’s reply to a Brady Room question. When asked if he was going to answer the question, Snow replied: ‘No, I’m going to laugh at it.’ The president said ‘Tony Snow the man is simply irreplaceable.’ He mentioned Snow’s band called ‘Beats Working,’ and noted that it had played both the South Lawn and with Jethro Tull. ‘We remember Tony’s resilient spirit,’ he said. Addressing Snow’s wife, Jill, he said: ‘Our hearts are with you.’ Addressing Snow’s children, Robbie, Kendall and Kristi, he said: ‘Thank you for sharing your dad with us,’ adding, ‘He loved you a lot.’ He referred to Snow as a ‘good and Vital man.taken too soon.’ He quoted Snow saying ‘God doesn’t promise tomorrow; He promises eternity.’ In ending, the president said: ‘May the author of all creation watch over his family.’ Check transcript.” — Sullivan

  • The presidential entourage left moments after Snow’s casket was placed in the hearse and before it departed for the cemetery. The ride to the landing zone on the Catholic University Cardinal’s baseball field was uneventful. The president was already aboard Marine One by the time the pool arrived. Its wheels were up at 12:03 en route to Andrews Air Force Base.” — Sullivan

  • When he finished, the president took the microphone for very brief remarks. He said, ‘It doesn’t get much better than this – country music in the Rose Garden and celebrating baseball.” — George Condon, San Diego Union-Tribune

  • “After the president made his statement in the Rose Garden, he boarded the motorcade with Laura Bush and departed at 1:23. At one point the presidential limousine, with an escort but in normal traffic because this was an ‘off the record’ trip, pulled beside a Tourmobile but just at the moment most of those aboard seemed concentrated on the Jefferson Memorial.” — Steven Lee Myers, New York Times