This Week In Pool Reports

This week, the Rose Garden lives up to its name, Washington elites strike a pose, the pool gets lost, and who knew Rick Tomkins is colorblind?

  • “The faces changed, but not the expressions: A group of grim men in dark suits, some with their elbows on the table, listening intently. McCain looked grimmest of all, leaning well into the table. Lugar wore a frozen grin on his face; Biden, the smug little smirk that makes him look exactly like Charles Grodin. Hyde, in a wheelchair, looked on with no expression. Harman smiled at one point, breaking the unwritten code of grimness. Cheney struck the same pose as at the ISG meeting: His thumb and forefinger on his chin.” — Joseph Curl, Washington Times

  • “Your pool cooled its heels on the colonnade until its heels were frozen stiff, then went into the Oval in waves; stills, then TV folk, then your humble scribblers. It was a scene you have seen before: The two leaders seated in front of the fireplace (which is covered in garlands and pine-tree strands and giant pine cones — what looks to be a tremendous fire hazard).” — Curl

  • And for the record, even on this day, this cold December day, when partisan bickering reigns, a rose blooms in winter. The Rose Garden is still true to its name: More than a dozen roses, red, pink, yellow, stand lifting their frigid petals to the sun.” — Curl

  • Secretary-designate Gates got the clothing memo — both men showed up in dark pinstripe suits, white shirts and blue ties. POTUS said his bit, Gates said thank you, they shook hands and out they went. The oval-shaped room, as everyone no doubt knows, was once the furnace room. Today it is decorated with murals of Americana put up by Jacqueline Kennedy. The fireplace has been festooned with garland and red balls in preparation for the marathon holiday reception season. The fireplace had wood in it but no fire. That’s really as much detail as can be stretched here, so signing off.” — Peter Baker, Washington Post

  • Bush and Bolton sat in chairs in front of the fireplace, both wearing dark suits, blue shirts, and red ties. Mrs. Bolton sat smiling on the couch to the right of her husband, wearing a multi-colored blazer. The blazer’s pattern looked to be of the impressionist tradition.” — David Francis, Washington Examiner

  • “The President and First Lady rolled without major incident to the Kennedy Center Honors, altho one of the press vans mistakenly followed the Mother Ship and thereby briefly delayed positioning for some of the press folk.” — John D. McKinnon, Wall Street Journal

  • First Lady Laura Bush sat beside him and smiled as he spoke. Since this pooler is partially color-blind, all I can say in regards to her attire, is that she was wearing a suit that appeared very, very light green (approaching tan), but I wouldn’t bet the bank on the color description.” — Rick Tomkins, UPI