This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Twenty Of Us

Speaking of salaries, some experts say the age of the superstar news anchor is coming to an end.

Mendes Napoli, founder and president of a talent agency for the broadcast industry, spoke with TVNewsCheck about news pay.

“For the the general reporters,” he says, “salaries have not really come down, although a lot of them have been frozen. The new jobs opening up seem to be in the same range they’ve always been. So if a station was paying a reporter $60,000 or $70,000 before, they tend to still be paying that.”

Out of the agency’s more than 400 clients, only 15 have taken a pay cut on the renewal of their contract, and those have been on the higher end of the pay scale, he says.

Anybody making over $250,000 has probably seen a decrease in pay, yet “many still make what we would consider a lot of money. There are still even some in the over-$1 million category. But how many people can we have left in our industry that make that? Perhaps 20 or less.”

What do you think? Tempest in a teapot? (We’d certainly take a quarter-mil…)