This One’s For The Millenials: Get $1k From Ed2010!

Have an unpaid magazine internship lined up in NYC this summer? Are you worried about paying for Metrocards, food, and that totally awesome shirt you saw on sale in Williamsburg? Or maybe you’re more worried about rent and you’re scoping out cardboard boxes and prime under-the-bridge real estate.

Anyway, being an unpaid intern pretty much stinks (we know), so head over to Ed2010 and apply to get a $1,000 stipend. Two catches: one, we just heard about this, and the deadline is THIS SATURDAY MAY 30, and two, a thousand bucks will pay for, what, a month’s rent? Tops? We live in DC and are so not in touch with the New York housing market, but we’re pretty sure it’s bad up there.

But hey, free money. Right? If you have it converted into pennies you might have enough to do the Scrooge McDuck dive.