‘This Modern World’ Cartoon Dropped By Village Voice

Dan Perkins, (aka Tom Tomorrow) the cartoonist behind “This Modern World,” a popular syndicated comic, has had his strip cut from The Village Voice. Perkins’ strip had been running in the Voice since 1997, and when he heard the news that it was being dropped, he took to Twitter and his personal site to blast the Voice.

“Unsurprising news: my cartoon just got shitcanned from the Village Voice by the assholes at corporate hq.” Tweeted Perkins. Shortly after, he posted, “Oh, also: FUCK VILLAGE VOICE MEDIA. Did more harm to altweekly cartooning than the economy and the internet combined.”

He then added on his site that he saw this coming, ever since Tony Ortega left the paper:

As some of you know, a few years back the powers that be at the Village Voice chain decided to shitcan all cartoons across the chain (costing meover almost a dozen major cities in a single day — it was like a nuclear first strike on my career). The one exception for me was the Village Voice itself, because editor Tony Ortega was a hardcore fan of my cartoon, and fought some serious battles to keep it in. He resigned a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been waiting for the axe to fall there, and was not remotely surprised to learn just now from the interim editor that my cartoon will no longer be running in their paper.