This Just In…NBC News Will Start Paying College Interns

Good news! Starting this spring, NBC News will begin paying its interns!

According to the Maynard Institute, a “well-placed source at the network” has revealed the big news. Details are unclear because the number of available internships and actual salary amounts haven’t been determined.

Perhaps other news outlets will begin paying their interns as well?

Keep in mind, according to the piece, ABC News and CNN pay their interns and CBS News and Fox News create arrangements for the college/university to provide course credit.

This, of course, breeds the larger issue of working for free in exchange for experience.

In the piece, Derek Thompson, senior editor at The Atlantic, was quoted from April: “The economics of unpaid internships are obvious. Employers are desperate for cheap work, and ‘free’ is pretty cheap. Workers are desperate for, well, anything, and students and recent grads are willing to negotiate their wages down to zero.”

He added, “But the ethics aren’t so clear-cut. If unpaid internships are the key to better jobs and bigger salaries, should we be concerned about the millions of lower-class students who can’t afford to work for free?”

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