This Just In: American Idol Loser Struts Her Stuff (All Over The Place)

FBLA’s LA Fashion Week spy was at the Dina Bar-El show, furiously text messaging us: “Katherine McPhee just walked in: She’s is the surprise model. OMG, popping out of her dress.”

Apparently the boobage was too much to contain in a simple text message. A follow-up phone call ensued, in which our spy told us that the dresses were “a little prom, but that’s just me,” and that McPhee “has size-D knockers. It was the battle between her breasts and her dress and I’m not sure who won.”

Bad styling wasn’t the only faux-pas. Apparently when Jennifer Nicholson’s (spawn of Jack) show started, some knucklehead shut the doors to the venue at Smashbox Studios in Culver City. This left tons of VIPs out in the cold — including the publisher of Flaunt magazine who threw an outsized fit until he was finally let back in.