This Is Just Like When Dylan Went Electric

In what is a definite sign of the times, the Pulitzer Prize Board made a very interesting change in the way that it receives entries for the coveted journalism prize.  Publications wishing to submit a piece into any of the 14 categories MUST submit it electronically.  (NOT SO FAST, TBD, that fresh asparagus makes you smell funky story probably won’t make the cut).  Previously, submissions were entered on paper, in the form of a scrapbook.  Which just SOUNDS old fashioned.  I guess we shouldn’t force Gene Weingarten to submit a piece for consideration the same way my Aunt Brenda and her Red Hat Society friends spend a Sunday afternoon.

Sig Gissler, Administrator for the Pulitzer Prize, tells Fishbowl “The Pulitzer Board wants to streamline the cumbersome entry system and make it easier for jurors and the board to manage submitted material.”  As for any journalists freaking out over the changes, Mr. Gissler says “It’s the same prize, with a streamlined process.”   You can read the full press release at the Pulitzer Prize website.