This Is A Test: Prove Your Commitment By Totally Revamping Your Resume??

From Jane Turkewitz’s Let’s Talk Turkey Blog comes a recruiter horror story we had to share:

A client of hers (Turkewitz does resume writing for media pros) was working with a recruiter who “insisted” that the client completely reformat her resume to put her dates of employment on the left, not the right.

There’s no logical reason why my client should have to waste her time—and, yes, it’s a waste—redesigning her resume just to put the dates of employment on the left…What’s the point of this? It’s not as though the content needed to be changed, which then I could understand.

Turkewitz asked around, and an HR pro theorized that “the recruiter is trying to see how committed your client is to working with him or her…Sometimes asking a candidate who seems less than enthused about an opportunity to perform a simple task is merely a way to weed out those who may not cooperate on larger tasks later in the process… not something I do, but I’ve seen it done.”


On the one hand, scary. On the other hand, is it really the end of the world to reformat your resume? Unless you’re a designer and you KNOW it looks better the way you have it, the recruiter might know something you don’t.

On the other hand (we’re running out of hands, here), it does seem kind of frivolous, and if it’s really a test, we’d suggest the same Turkewitz did: Don’t comply and run like hell.