They shoot paparazzi, don’t they?

They shoot paparazzi, don't they?

I honestly don’t know what to think about the LAT article reporting that Malibu residents and visitors are divided on whether it was okay that a tabloid photographer got shot in the thigh with a pellet gun for trying to photograph Britney Spears’s baby shower. Money quote:

“It’s all part of the job, isn’t it?” asked Hannah McMahon, 19, who was visiting Malibu with friend Aimee Parnell, also 19, from Liverpool, England. It would be different if someone had used a real gun, they said, but a pellet gun didn’t seem that bad. Parnell said she has been shot with a pellet gun and it didn’t seem too terrible.

I think paparazzi should organize a strike- A Week Without Gossip, call it- which will cause the pop culture ecosystem to shut down, thus educating the pop-culture consuming public to the need for intrusive journalists covering frivolous people to not get shot at.