There’s an App for That: World War II Posters

Rare is the design buff who can resist a good World War II poster (full disclosure: we’ve lost entire weekends to History Channel marathons in which grainy Hitler footage featured prominently), from the classic “Loose Lips Sink Ships” variety to the less catchy call to “Save waste fats for explosives.” A number of U.S. libraries have made their WWII poster collections available online—we like that of Northwestern’s Government and Geographic Information and Data Services Department—but the Brits have gone us one better. The Imperial War Museums (IWM) recently launched the first in a series of apps devoted to Great British Posters from the Second World War. Developed by Artfinder and available as a free download at the App Store, it brings 30 posters from the massive IWM collection to your iPhone or iPad, where you can scroll, pinch, and zoom to your heart’s content on graphical implorations to Keep Calm and Carry On, grow your own vegetables, and walk short distances. The app includes the stories behind each poster and details on its designer.

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