The Young Turks and Fusion Are Going to College

They're partnering on a new show.

Photo Credit: Tim Collins/The Young Turks

Photo Credit: Tim Collins/The Young Turks
Photo Credit: Tim Collins/The Young Turks
The Young Turks is headed to campus with a new weekly show to air on Fusion beginning Sept. 5. Each hourlong episode of the show’s 12-week run will be broadcast in front of a live audience, from different college campuses across the U.S.

The focus is on America’s youngest electorate and exploring the campus-related and political issues that matter most to them, with a dose of pop culture thrown in. TYT’s Ana Kasparian and John Iadarola will host the show, augmented with reporting from Fusion staffers, as well as appearances by TYT hosts, including Cenk Uygur, Jimmy Dore, Ben Mankiewicz, Hannah Cranston and Kim Horcher.

“Fusion’s goal is to continue elevating the issues that matter to this diverse, emerging generation of young people. The Young Turks and their distinct, passionate voices will be a valuable addition to our coverage of this unconventional and consequential election cycle,” said Fusion co-president and chief content officer Daniel Eilemberg in a statement.

A campus-focused show is a natural fit for both Fusion and TYT. Seventy-five percent of Fusion’s audience is within the 18-34 demo. For TYT, the percentage in the demo is between 70 and 75.