The Writer’s Bridge Connects Freelancers With Buyers – Free For A Limited Time

Once upon a time there were tiny islands, each occupied by a single freelance writer. Meanwhile, across a vast gulf of miscommunication, other islands were home to editors and groups of editors.

The writers would put their work into bottles and launch them, trusting the fickle currents to connect them with the right editor’s island. The editors were forced to fill their magazines and websites with whatever happened to wash up on their beaches.
There had to be a better way . . .

The Writer’s Bridge is a multi-pronged service that founder Darrell Laurant says he has trouble describing. We’ll give it a shot anyway.

For a monthly fee, writers get:
-a daily e-mail of freelance opportunities.
-Individual e-mails every so often addressed specifically to that writer about things in that writer’s area of interest.
-Weekly “idea bank” e-mails with news tips or possible trend stories (this strikes us as a more featurey, less deadline-oriented version of Al’s Morning Meeting)
-And article placement services. This we’re a little skeptical of, but Laurant claims that if a subscriber sends him an idea, he’ll comb his database and kick back at least three markets where he thinks the idea will fit. But, you say, you already have a copy of Writer’s Market?
“Most of the ‘alternative’ markets I’ve found come from the various newsletters to which I subscribe…quite a few publications stay away from Writers Market because they don’t want to be inundated with queries,’ Laurant told us via e-mail. So who knows? We haven’t tried it.

The service is free until the end of July, at which point writers will pay $10 a month, with no contract to sign. The catch? There is no sign-up link on TWB’s web site. It just IS NOT THERE.

Laurant’s response: “You’re right—that was quite an oversight on the Website.” In the meantime, you can sign up by visiting the site and sending the man an e-mail. Remember, free through the end of July.