The Whole of ‘Stickergate’ in Just One Short Paragraph

If you haven’t caught any of the “Stickergate” story, you’re clearly not regularly visiting many Apple news sites. It boils down to writer Bob Keefe attending Apple’s most recent product launch press conference, asking Steve Jobs, “Why don’t you guys put that Intel Inside sticker on your products’ boxes?” and then suffering a million Mac lovers coming down on him with a powerful wrath, telling him that it was the stupidest question ever and that he should go retire from writing to go live in an undersea cave where he can no longer bother we land dwellers. Keefe countered in saying that he asked because he was writing an article about the stickers, how Intel pays manufacturers to include them, and he needed a quote from Jobs about why his company wasn’t doing it. If you’d like to catch up on the whole debacle, head over to the last week or so at Daring Fireball. And to read up on what ultimately Keefe wrote, here’s his story, “‘Intel Inside’ Logo Stickers Absent from New Apple iMacs.” After that, hopefully you will have to read no more about this story.