The Weather Channel’s Home Page Is a Masterful Response to Trump Pulling Out of Paris Accord

"Still Don't Care? Proof You Should"

In addition to giving you a weather update whenever you need it, The Weather Channel is known as an unapologetic defender of the idea, backed by basically the entire science community, that climate change is real, and a real threat to life on earth as we know it.

It is unsurprising then, that the front page of its digital site would address President Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord, announced today. The way it did, it, however, is a work of art.

It starts in a straightforward enough manner, with a main story whose headline reads “Trump Pulls U.S. Out of Paris Climate Agreement; What That Means.” That may be the point when you notice that the group of stories below are all about climate change, and that the atypical headlines of seven of them collectively send an unequivocal message.

Put them all together, and this is what you get:

“So, What Happens to Earth Now? Still Don’t Care? Proof You Should …and More Proof… …and Even More Proof… …Or the Imminent Collapse of a Key Ice Shelf… …or Antarctica Turning Green… …or California’s Coast Disappearing Into the Sea…”

The stories that comprise each piece all deal with factual reports of the effects of climate change, from rising seas whose salt kills off forests to California’s vanishing coast.

In the case of climate change coverage, while the facts can be terrifying, the significance of climate change can be difficult to impart, especially since the effects can accumulate slowly and touch on a lot of different areas. As The Weather Channel demonstrates, sometimes it takes some creativity to get the job done.