The Walt Disney Concert Hall, Now Available In Bling

Frank Gehry teams with Tiffany to bring “recurring motifs” in his work to platinum life, and everybody wants a piece. Booth Moore writes about The Gehry Collection and ensuing party in the LA Times, featuring a photo of Laurence Fishburne wearing a single diamond-encrusted fish earring in his left ear. Don’t tell Morpheus what Gehry initially thought about his own creations:

“When he first saw his ideas realized in pieces such as the $600 sterling silver Orchid pendant, hung on a black cord, he thought it looked like junk.”

He goes on to explain that he thinks the same way about his buildings, however, both architecture and jewelry come to life when used by people. Whew.

No word yet if a WDCH pendant will feature an extra shiny diamond inset.