The Type of Typefaces In Blueprint

This must be the week of finding something, then later returning to it because we found a bunch more info on it. This time around, that new Martha Stewart magazine, Blueprint (no, not the 20 year-old one of the same name), again. We ran across this nice batch of info about the makeup of the new mag over at The Font Shop, who supplied them with most of their typefaces. It’s got all that stuff a type person will enjoy, all the names of who did what, and lots of links they hope you’ll click to buy some of the fonts yourself. It’s also got a link to Debra Bishop who led the whole design (the link also heads to the rundown of all the other top design brass at Blueprint). Sure, we still think they maybe should’ve thought out a different name, given that the other had been around for so long, but we’re starting to see the good points too now. See? We’re capable of occasionally escaping our curmudgeon-ness.