The Times to Tell You What They Think Instantly

Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep up with the New York Times online expansion. Today’s installment of what’s new at the brings news of “Instant Op-ed.” Editorial Page Editor Andrew Rosenthal tells E&P:

Our Op-Ed now is very rapid response, but it is at the most the next day. We are looking at a way to take advantage of the expandability of the Internet, the back and forth of it and the instantaneous nature of the Internet. Taking ideas that have existed in Op-Ed form and giving them a robust position online.

You know what that sounds like to us? A blog! Does this mean MoDo will be blogging (we can only dream!). Sadly no, it sounds more like the Times wants to have at their disposal some sort of panel of experts to weigh in on the issue of the moment.

Rosenthal said three editors, among them former editorial writers, are teaming up with a Web producer to oversee the initiative. He said the team is gathering a list of numerous experts on a variety of issues to be ready to provide quick comments, essays and columns on issues or stories that come up in the news. He said the idea is to have a group that provides opinions soon after news occurs, with a solid Web space dedicated to them.

Or here’s an idea, why don’t they just outsource their coverage to blogs that already do that!

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