The Story With The Post Buyout Packages

We started getting tips yesterday along the lines of: “Just heard that the WaPo sent out its most recent round of buyout offers today.”

So here’s the story. Yup, the packages went out yesterday (were you one of the Posties cracking “package” jokes yesterday?!?”) but there’s not a ton of news there….yet.

The packages went out to anyone who is eligible for the buyout (over 50 and have put in five years at the paper) and those people have long known that they were eligible.

Now, each individual’s buyout package differs based on age, years of service, etc., so we’ll need to wait for these folks to take home their, ahem, packages, study them and make decision.

One thought: It may turn out that a lot of people eligible for the buyout won’t take it. If you’re in your early 50s and maybe even new to the paper… a.) The offer will likely not be big enough for you to completely retire on and b.) You’re likely not gonna want to go out into the big bad world and try to find another job in this difficult market/industry.