The Scoop on Protecting Your Own Data On Your Company’s Phone

mobile phonesBack in the day, if you left your job you really only had to be concerned about your online files and some occasional hard copy ones. Well, corporate devices complicate things because they’re technically owned by your employer.

And yet when you leave, regardless of where the data resides, the device needs to get returned. Should you keep personal items on your device? Shouldn’t you also be able to keep the contacts’ information, too?In today’s New York Post, Gregory Giangrande, HR executive in the media industry, says he’s not sure what recourse you would have if the data is gone. Your employer may transfer data before deleting it, they may not. It may be sitting somewhere on their server, who knows.

He points out:

“The lesson here, folks, is to remember that company information and data belongs to the company — not you — and the company has the right, and even the obligation, to secure its data. If you’re planning to resign, make sure to secure your personal data — and if you lose your job unexpectedly, add it to the list of priorities to consider.”

You may want to start backing up data on a quarterly basis – files on your computer as well as information on your phone.