The Sad Fate of Freehand Von GoLiveingston

Here’s some news that might be of interest to a couple of web folk. Adobe announced in a conference in London late last week that GoLive and Freehand are soon to be deceased. On the Freehand side, Illustrator will become the prime focus, of course, being as it’s one of Adobe’s top products. On the GoLive side, it’s Dreamweaver that’s going to be the central focus. But well, really, we don’t know anyone who uses GoLive anymore, and the last time we were playing with it was about five years ago, so losing that shouldn’t be so very painful. So there are the first casualties of the Adobe-Macromedia merger. But if you’re using either, the good news is that Adobe will continue to support both for as long as their users are alive (we made that “alive” part up, but wanted to end on a dramatic note).