The Retro PIX Game Makes Appearance in Morning News

If you grew up in New York in late 1970s or early 1980s, you might enjoy this story!

Long before the Internet and any social media, we had video gaming. During that time, WPIX/Channel 11 offered a popular viewer PIX game segment. Since they aired during the station’s weekday children’s programming, especially the long-running The Magic Garden, it was kids who sent in requests to play. Those chosen would famously shout “PIX–PIX–PIX” for voice control of the game.  

The software was Mattel’s Intellivision, number two to Atari in the home at the time.

Fast forward to 2012.

Channel 11 is resurrecting the game for tomorrow’s PIX Morning News with Sukanya Krishnan and Frances Rivera. A station spokesperson says they are going vintage.

“We have the original Intellivision console and game [Astro Smash] which they provided for us. Only this time, instead of a viewer calling in and playing from home, we’ll have them come in and play with our anchors in studio.” 

The station says tomorrow’s test will likely lead to additional usage on future morning newscasts.

But the spokesperson says it wasn’t easy linking yesterday’s technology to today’s HD world.

“We had to hunt down a 70’s era ‘connector’ piece so the 30+ year old technology would work with today’s studio equipment!”

As for the actual console, WPIX didn’t rummage through garage sales, they went right to the source, as the equipment was provided by Intellivision creator Keith Robinson.

The PIX Morning News has also been trying another “throwback”–a studio audience. They gave it a shot earlier this month with several folks sitting behind the set–creating a “studio-in-the-round” feel.

Look for another group of people to join the live broadcast Friday.