The Post’s Blogger Summit

One attendee at last night’s event writes in (definitely not one of us nerds):

    Those were some VERY serious bloggers. And I had figured it would be a stand-around-and-drink-and-awkwardly-network kind of thing, but it was definitely a sit-down “summit” that you attended for the whole 3 hours. I kinda wish I hadn’t missed the first hour, because it sounded like it was something interesting relating to the W. Post and like, how to get exposure within that paper as a blogger. Hour two was this lawyer talking about legal issues with blogging, and I think I passed out from boredom, and then hour 3 was them talking about new blog-related stuff they’re rolling out. They’re gonna have a local blog directory, and further, they’ll have a way for local blogs to “host” Washington Post-garnered local advertisements. So that was definitely pretty cool.

    Some of it went wayyy over my head … RSS feed/go-coding–whaaa? But it was cool that they showed these prototypes to everyone, and they genuinely wanted advice and feedback. It was definitely a blog love-in.