The Post Sends A Kid To Camp

From an internal newsroom-wide email sent by th ePost’s Anne Ferguson-Rohrer:

    the annual bake sale to benefit john kelly’s send a kid to camp campaign raised more than $850 this year. that’s enough to send a kid AND his dog to camp. thanks so very much to the bakers and especially to the early bird volunteers who beat back the crowd while setting out the first round of goods. thanks to everyone who donated and ate (or generously bought piles of goodies to share with their colleagues) or who simply donated. (and thanks especially to shirley c. for making the day’s biggest purchase of an entire cake.) thanks to the powers that be for allowing us to create a mess (i cleaned up, honest!) and a traffic jam during work hours. and hurrah to john and julia, who work so diligently to beat hundreds of thousands of dollars out of us all to help some very deserving kids.