The Perfect Place To Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid


As the giblets subside, it’s now safe for us to take on holiday topics, like this one, concerning the house used in the classic A Christmas Story–you know, the one that’s played in a 24-hour Christmas Eve marathon on TBS.

It seems like uber-fan Brian Jones purchased the house used in A Christmas Story and has restored it to the glory of its Ovaltine-drinking era. And starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to take tours of the house, which is located in Cleveland.

Here’s where it starts to get a bit sick, though: the guy has already made and sold hundreds of the famous “leg lamps” featured in the movie, which come with a free decoder ring and t-shirt. Looks like you just found the perfect gift for the Ralphie in your life, providing, of course, he already has the Red Ryder BB gun.

Thanks to Luke Walker.