The Ombuds Weigh In…Sort Of

What you may have missed while celebrating Columbus Day working:

  • Byron Calame says (re: this) that Linda Greenhouse “stepped across that line during her speech” and Bill Keller has spoken to her about it.

  • From Deb Howell: Len Downie says “So be it” to complaints that the Post promotes their own writer’s books.

    Howell asks an important question…

      Page 1 excerpts help sell books, and the Post benefits from getting the revelations first. The big question is: Should readers know some of these details sooner, or does the writing of a book allow us to learn important history we would not have known otherwise? Woodward said his last interviews with Card and his only sessions with Rumsfeld didn’t take place until July. “It would be pretty astonishing to get that information in the Post for a series, let alone publish in a book by October,” he said.

    …but, alas, leaves us lacking for an answer. Aren’t you supposed to tell us what you think, not ask us what we think?