The Olympic Stadium Onslaught, In Full


Remember a little while back when we said that the 2012 London Olympics couldn’t catch a break, with the newest complaints stemming from the unveiled plans of the new, Peter Cook-designed Olympic Stadium. Well, we’re not hear to say that that’s gone away. Instead, we point you to a collection of bad reviews that Architectural Record has put together in a single piece, thus making it one larger, smoother blade to stick into the side of the poor Olympic authority (as opposed to just a whole slew of daggers). So when do we get to the point when the trend shifts and suddenly was was uncool is made cool again? Because we’re sure London would like to know. Here’s some:

Critics of the stadium, including several newspaper columnists and architect Will Alsop, have voiced a long list of complaints starting with the fact that there was no competition to chose the designers. Many have likened the arena’s cable-supported roof and concrete bowl to a gassometer — an old type of gas storage facility. Worse still, some worry that the roof, which only covers 67 percent of the seats, could present a weather hazard. Detractors add that the no-frills building seems barely attributable to Peter Cook, a founder of the avant-garde 1960s group Archigram, and complain that the ODA was too focused on legacy rather than architectural pizzazz.