The NYT’s Sheryl Stolberg Has Had Better Days

Her White House pool report today:


    Alas, your sleepy pooler has made some errors. To wit:

    1. The president arrived at Andrews at 7:45 a.m. It only felt like 6:45.

    2. The tail number on the plane is 28000, not 2800. What’s a zero among friends?

    3. And this, sent by e-mail from the eagle-eyed Karl Rove (a self-described “faithful pool report reader”): the home belongs to Brent Sembler, Mel’s son. The White House reports that Mel is there.
    Mea culpa. Three strikes and I’m out. Somebody else should try pool duty.

    And now, for the clarification, in case anyone was confused:

    The new plane does NOT have movie screens at each person’s seat. The press cabin now has two wall screens instead of one. The channel can be changed only from the touch pad on the wall.

    But each person does have a small, retractable touch pad at his or hear seat, with a port for earphones. So passengers can choose their own music and control their own volume while watching TV or movies.