The NYT’s A2 and A3 Pages Get the Magazine Treatment in a Redesign

New features, plus attempt to integrate digital into print

Print may be inching its way into extinction, but The New York Times wants to make sure it looks good going out. The paper’s A2 and A3 pages got a revamp today that takes its stylistic cues from a magazine’s front of book section, an effort that was led by New York Times Magazine editor in chief Jake Silverstein and NYT associate masthead editor Tom Jolly.

The change is also intended to bring a sense of Times’ digital presence into print. “The Times has a universe that extends well beyond the print newspaper, and we’re excited to transform pages A2 and A3 into a must-read destination that gives readers a sense of that,” said NYT executive editor Dean Baquet, calling the redesign part of an effort to create “a print newspaper for a digital era.”

The new A2

In addition to newly-devised content for the two-page spread, one of the biggest content changes print readers will notice is the masthead, which moves from its old home on the editorial page to its new home on A2. And readers will have to look elsewhere in the paper for corrections, since they will no longer be on A2.

Other features include a mini crossword, a digest of popular post from the digital Times, interesting facts takes from articles in the paper, life tips, and a recap of what’s going on with some of the Times’ podcasts and videos.

The new A3

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