The New York Times Tweets Back at Trump to Correct Him. Again

We've been here before

Here we are again. A fresh Twitter tirade from President Trump. The use of media as punching bag. The displays of name calling both juvenile and inaccurate. The Assertions both inaccurate and easily proved wrong. A statement from The New York Times, delivered via tweeted response, that disproves the president’s claims.


Nov. 13, 2016:

The timing on yesterday’s Tweet from Trump worked out pretty well for the Times. Last week, the publication posted a Q2 earnings report the communications team drew on its response to Trump, including that 3.3 million paid subscription figure.

The Times is clearly the party in this exchange whose account in based in reality, but it leads us to ask questions that feel more like a series of koans: Does this response change anything? To whom would it matter? Who is the audience for the Times’ tweet? Is there are audience for this beyond those whose minds will never be changed, regardless of how much supported evidence is tweeted out? And which path is more likely to maintain an informed audience: that of ignoring the tweets or that of correcting them?