The New York Times Pursues The Affluent Reader


More and more, the affluent reader is determining the fate of print media in the United States. The ad recession is a part of that media equation. Also, newspaper readership has declined as people increasingly get their news online (Or … nowhere).

David Carr today writes on the importance of luxury advertising to print media. Also, Richard Perez-Pena, elsewhere in The Times, writes on the consequences of the decline in newspaper circulation has led to the high desirability of The Affluent Reader:

”The New York Times’s circulation has held relatively steady in this decade, but that masks two opposing trends. In its home market, circulation is down, as The Times, like others, has cut back on promotions and discounting. But sales are up in other markets where The Times continues to pursue new, mostly affluent readers.”

And in not entirely unrelated news, Scott Adams, the cartoonist behind “Dilbert,” believes that cell phones will eventually kill of newspapers (link via editorandpublisher).