The New White House Press Briefing Room


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Check out articles on the new briefing room here, here, here and here.

Also, download a .pdf that includes all sorts of details on the new press room (and a history of the old ones).

One WH reporter writes in to share some thoughts:

    i saw it for the first time today and was generally pleased.

    the new seats in the briefing room are so much more comfortable than the old ones

    also, the workspaces don’t have drawers under the counters

    each workstation has its own power outlets, phone jacks, ethernet jacks — even several three-pronged jacks for the “mult box.” that means whenever a speech or briefing is piped through the press work area’s p.a. system, i can plug my tape recorder directly into the source and get clear, high-quality audio instead of relying on ambient sound echoing through the workspace or coming out of one of those little speakers we used to gather around. this may seem like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference when it comes time to actually transcribe your recording. with the mult-box connection, you are essentially hearing the talker as if you are the microphone just inches from his mouth.

    i worked in my new workspace today for the first time. bottom line: it felt very good to be back.

We also hear that, down into the (former) swimming pool, which is now strung with miles of cables, journos and White House press aides have signed their name on the wall with a Sharpie.

Tomorrow’s the big day: