The New Old Journal


The big story floating around, in case you missed it, is the new design of the Wall Street Journal. Most news sites you might have seen covering it gave you about that much information, “The Wall Street Journal has redesigned! Ain’t that crazy?!” But we tracked down a couple that had some more detail. Editor & Publisher had this story, with statements from the staff. And Media Buyer Planner had this story that was largely about the Reader’s Guide the Journal included yesterday to help people navigate through these shiny new waters. This writer’s opinion about the whole thing? Personally, he’s not so crazy about it. But then again, he’s usually pretty slow to warm up to change. Give it a year and maybe he’ll have forgotten. At least they didn’t lose the illustrated heads. Is it every person’s goal to one day appear as such? Everyone we know would love to see their illustrated photo head in the Journal, so we figure it’s pretty universal.

UPDATE: We’re sure you’ve seen or will be seeing tons of commentary about all this, but here’s another particularly good one Roger Black just put up this morning, which we learned about by way of Andy Rutledge.