The New National Journal Political Correspondent is a Beast

When the National Journal announced its new chief political correspondent in Washington, D.C., the news didn’t make quite the splash as other recent hires. That’s because NJ offered the job to a Miami Herald political writer, Beth Reinhard, who has little name recognition on the Beltway.

It’s also tough to follow some of the other recent hires by NJ, which included national names like Marc Ambinder and Matt Cooper, among others. But our sister site FishbowlDC has obtained an internal email at the Herald, announcing Reinhard’s next move and you can see what NJ saw in her.

Beth covered her first session in Tallahassee while in the third trimester of pregnancy, and she has a bag of hanging chads to prove that she covered the 2000 recount before her baby girl was eating solid foods. She was on a campaign bus in the 2004 Senate race when her second daughter took her first steps.

Wow, talk about commitment to the job. Maybe she’s raising the next political writers out there. The Herald editors also mentioned “She is a 24-7 blogger and a columnist with a genuine voice. Bottom line: she is a true authority on everything political in Florida.”

That’s the type of reference people long for.