The Nation v. The Washington Times

We hear a bit more about Max Blumenthal’s upcoming piece for The Nation magazine, which we reported on Friday.

A source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, informed us that the article, which comes out in early September, aims to be an extensive, devastating expose of the Washington Times that relies on numerous sources inside the newsroom to expose “the racism and sexism of [Managing Editor] Fran Coombs, as well as the craven attempts by [Company President] Douglas Joo and [Editor in Chief] Wes Pruden to cover up for him.”

Uh-oh, this could get ugly. W.Timers: Let us know the vibe within the newsroom regarding Blumenthal’s piece…

And will this September piece support the also-forthcoming writings of George Archibald and Robert Redding, Jr.?

Redding writes in to tell us:

“I plan a series of podcasts on the subject to be available on this fall. I am undecided about what to call this out of the box series. Why a podcast? I am using my more than a decade of radio broadcasting experience to record these unrestricted podcasts to ensure that the truth gets out.”