The Mysteriously Misspelled Word: ‘Eidtor’

It’s one thing to ignore a gnat buzzing around in your ear. It might even be reasonable to smack yourself in the head to rid yourself of such an irritation. But when our resident phone enthusiast, reporter Evan Gahr, took to Twitter on Friday to inform Politico‘s media duo Dylan Byers and Hadas Gold that there was a typo in the word “editor” on the blog, his peskiness was met with silence.

This is how the error looked well after Gahr’s bender about it.

Not one to be ignored…Gahr proceeded down another avenue.

To provide context, Gahr, who refers to himself as a “gadfly,” had phoned Byers and Gold a number of times on other matters. And by this point, he believed they’d blocked him on Twitter. So when his messages were met with silence, he took the matter to Politico President and CEO Jim VandeHei, who almost never tweets,  complaining, “@JimVandeHei @politico dylan’s blog just misspelled editor Instead of sending we r wonderful memos all the time should u hire proofreader?”

He also shot Byers an email.

“Dylan, Hadas Gold’s hard hitting item re-writing various magazine press
releases spelled editor wrong. Maybe instead of sending out so many “we are wonderful” press releases John Harris should hire a proofreader? By the way, did you two block me on Twitter?  I don’t know why you would do that–what about me do you find so scary?–but I don’t hold a grudge. In fact, here is some friendly advice: there is something called spellcheck included on all word processing programs. You might try availing yourself of it sometime.”

Gahr says he feels like he’s being treated as though he doesn’t exist. “It is frustrating being treated as a non-person,” he told FBDC. “My mentor, the late New York Post Editorial Page Editor Eric Breindel (or should I call him the late New York Post Editorial Page Eidtor?) loved a good fight and so do I.”

We requested comment from Byers. He declined. But in the last half hour Byers wrote Gahr, saying, “Thanks for flagging, Evan. We’ve corrected the spelling.”

We’re sensing a budding friendship.

UPDATE/CORRECTION: Byers informs that he and Gold did not block Gahr on Twitter. We changed the above copy to reflect the fact that Gahr believed this to be the case.