The Monster Hog: Too Glorious to Be True, Says Hoax-Seekers


Sure to be the next Adnan Hajj fake photo event of the season, only this time very stupid: that story coming out of Alabama about the 11 year old who killed the “Monster Hog,” well, it turns out that we may be looking at the work of Photoshop, according to the Associated Press and Fox News. The fact-determined journalists behind the whole affair are from Stinky Journalism, who have apparently hired photo analysts to get to the bottom of it all and figure out the truth. God willing, they will. We’re far too proud a nation to let a hoax like this left perpetrated.

“These are authentic pictures,” Stone told the Web site, which claims it can prove the colossal claim isn’t kosher. “They have not been altered,” Stone said.

Still, enlisted the help of a retired New York University physicist, Richard Brandt, who offers what he says is a “technical analysis” of the Stone family’s claim.

The site also claims to have evidence that other photos on the family Web site were doctored to make the feral hog look bigger than life.