The Media Can See the Future and It’s Spelled ‘President Obama’

So now that the press has decided that Barack Obama has won the election there is a new story line to get us through to election day! It’s all about how the press has decided Obama has won the election! We hinted at this yesterday when we warned the media might be experiencing its own election meltdown but today the story has progressed to how the press appears to be reporting on the results of an election result that has yet to occur. Over at Slate Jack Shafer says that,

Tiny tendrils of trepidation are starting to drift over the liberal members of the commentariat and the political press corps…if Obama wins, these scribes know that they’ll be facing the toughest assignment of their careers…Will what I write be worthy of this moment in time? they’re asking themselves.

Ha. Arguably this is a question they should have been asking themselves for the last eight years or so. Another problem with all this presuming? It makes for boring television! Per Alessandra Stanley: “News shows should probably come with a spoiler alert: the following program contains images and language that seem to jump to a foregone conclusion.” We think — taking into account the press’ accuracy in these matters these last eight years — everyone might do well to exercise a shred of caution in matters of advanced party planning.