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From Jim Brady (note that Sridhar Pappu scored one of January’s most popular articles):


    Top Ten Articles in February:
    8 Questions the Potomac Primary Could Answer by Dan Balz
    GOP Senators Reassess Views About McCain by Paul Kane
    Limbaugh on McCain: It’s Better to Be Right All the Time by Howard Kurtz
    Obama Wave Stuns Clinton’s Black Supporters by Kevin Merida
    The Dumbing of America by Susan Jacoby
    Team Clinton: Down, and Out of Touch by Dana Milbank
    Who Will Tell Hillary? by Robert Novak
    Making a Home for Charlie, Away From Baghdad’s Slums by Karin Brulliard
    In the Democratic Debate, Cooler Heads Prevail by Tom Shales
    Clarity Sought on Electronics Searches by Ellen Nakashima

    Top Ten Articles in January:
    Why I Believe Bush Must Go by George McGovern
    McCain Moves Into Lead; Obama Gains on Clinton by Dan Balz and Jon Cohen
    GOP Doubts, Fears ‘Post-Partisan’ Obama by Jonathan Weisman
    Some in Party Bristle at Clintons’ Attacks by Alec MacGillis and Anne Kornblut
    As Huckabee Pulls Ad, Rollins, For Once, Must Pull a Punch by Sridhar Pappu
    Va. Student’s Snow-Day Plea Triggers an Online Storm by Michael Alison Chandler
    Now Comes the Spin by Howard Kurtz
    Video of Sleeping Guards Shakes Nuclear Industry by Steven Mufson
    Chris Matthews Backs Off ‘Nasty’ Remark on Clinton by Howard Kurtz
    Redskins’ Gibbs Resigns as Coach by Les Carpenter

    Top Internal Site Search Keywords in January:
    Ask Amy
    Carolyn Hax
    Miss Manners

    Top External Search Engine Keywords in January:
    Presidential candidates
    2008 presidential candidates
    Ron Paul
    Barack Obama
    Heath Ledger
    Ron Mueck
    Hillary Clinton
    Super Tuesday

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    The “Lost” Hour, a new weekly discussion about the show (3/7)
    The Gene Pool, a group for fans of Gene Weingarten (3/4)
    Two new On Faith blogs from Timothy Shriver and Claire Hoffman (2/8)
    The Local Blog Buzz Map, which shows the most blogged about places in the area (1/28)
    “Talking Points” Podcast with Tony Kornheiser, Michael Wilbon and Cindy Boren (1/24)
    Raw Fisher Radio (1/22)
    The District Taxi Fare Estimator, which compares meter and zone rates (1/20)


    From the Online Journalism Blog, some analysis of the new Independent (UK) site, worth checking out in light of our own redesign.

    Also, take a look at Wired Journalists, a community site for people in the news business.

    Awards won two Media Innovation Awards from the Newspaper Association of America in the following categories: Best Design and Site Architecture, and Most Innovative Use of Interactive Media (for The Issues Tracker and HD Video Podcasts). also won (for the second year in a row) a Scripps Howard Foundation National Journalism Award, this time for Fixing D.C.’s Schools.

    Finally, won 14 awards in the White House News Photographers Association’s “Eyes of History” contest, including a complete sweep of the “Best Multimedia Package” category and three first prizes. Many of these projects were collaborations between our two newsrooms:
    For Best Multimedia Package – First Place: Crisis in Darfur Expands; Second Place: Antarctica; Third Place: Fixing D.C.’s Schools; Award of Excellence: onBeing
    For Best Use of Photography – First Place: Struggle in Mississippi Delta; Second Place: Abductions Hold Haiti Hostage, Third Place: For Them. By Them.; Award of Excellence: The Lost Boys – Transforming Fort Dimanche; Award of Excellence: Fixing D.C.’s Schools: A History of Washington Education
    For Best Use of Photography & Audio – Second Place: A Mexican Football Team Tackles Misperceptions; Third Place: Fair Weather Fun; Award of Excellence: Why We Compete | Adrenaline
    For Best Use of Photography & Audio (Narrated) – First Place: ‘Continuous War’: Cluster Bombs in South Lebanon; Award of Excellence: An IED Attack Unfolds

    Michele Hatty started as Live Online Editor on February 12.

    Rochester Paper, Reach Most Adults (Editor & Publisher)
    Digging Deeper: Distinction Between Bloggers, Journalists Blurring More Than Ever (PBS MediaShift)

    Online Newspaper Viewership Reaches Record in 2007 (Newspaper Association of America)
    Traditional Media Ready to Elevate the Conversation Online – With Moderation (PBS MediaShift)
    Life After Page Views: Web Analytics 2.0 (Computerworld)

    US: Time spent on top 30 newspaper sites tends to decrease (Editors Weblog: Note that was exception)