The Jong and Taibbi Feud

There’s nothing more entertaining than watching two accomplished writers going at each other in prose. Hooray for Huffington Post and the niche of liberals cannibalizing one another!

There will be blood. And it will all be on Huffpo.

Here’s the recap:

Erica Jong started it with her essay titled,”Misogyny, Momism and Militarism.” She called out Matt Taibbi by name for referring to Hillary Clinton‘s arms as flabby. Then accused him of having an Oedipus complex. Writing:

You cannot fuck your mother so you must revile her.

So then Taibbi posted,”Erica Jong Thinks I Want to Do My Mother: A Response.” The gist of which was an articulate,”Nu-huh!” Calling Jong an ‘eight hundred year-old sex novelist’.

Then it was up to Jong to defend herself and that she did. Her next post was then titled,”Eight-Hundred-Year-Old Jong Responds to Callow Youth Taibbi.”

Where Jong brought out the big guns:

Your writing smacks of ignorance and insecurity. You lean on insults because ideas evade you. Propaganda often relies on physical mockery. Remember the stereotypical images of Jews the Nazis circulated? The hooked nose, the thick lips, the swarthy complexion, the protuberant eyes?

POW! It’s the ‘you’re just as bad as Hitler’ jab! Didn’t see that one coming – oh wait – yes we did! Is there no discourse in this country complete without a Nazi barb? If there is one – we can’t think of it.

Now it’s in Taibbi’s court to get this thing in the arena of being civil. Cough.

We’ll keep you posted!