The Internet Hates The New York Times for Its Shameless Egg Stunt

As part of its effort to capitalize on how hot it was yesterday, The New York Times‘ City Room blog came up a fun-ish bit of stunt journalism: Blogger Andy Newman tries to fry an egg on the sidewalk!

The bit shouldn’t surprise followers of City Room. After all, this is the same blog that asked readers for their photos of subway rats not too long ago. Nevertheless, the Internet quickly descended on Times reporter Andy Newman for his failings as an egg chef and as a comedy journalist. See, the egg didn’t fry, in part because — some suppose — the egg was in a frying pan! According to lore, of course, the egg belongs on the sidewalk proper.

Some examples of the heat the Times is taking:

A possibly double-sarcastic Gawker: “Oh New York Times, why even try anymore. Just roll over and die, because you are old and never fun anymore.”
• A scientifically dubious but cliché-adept criticism from the NYTPicker: “The cliche clearly states that the egg must be fried on the sidewalk. Not on a pan. That’s because the heat you need to fry an egg comes from under the egg, not from above it. At least, that’s how it works in our kitchen!”
The Awl: “At least they didn’t use the word “eggsperiment in the headline”; “With NYC temperatures expected to be soul-suckingly high once again today, I’m wondering if it’s time to find a car and convince its owner to let me bake cookies on its dashboard.”
An commenter: “you’re supposed to fry the egg ON the sidewalk. not in a PAN. wussies.”

Perhaps predictably, few onlookers have voiced concerns about Benedicta Torres, the woman who bravely ate the semi-cooked egg out of the journalists’ frying pan.