The Huffington Post Launches HuffPost Live

HuffPost Live, the news video venture from The Huffington Post, has arrived. At 10 am this morning, the live content begins rolling in. There will be plenty of it — 12 hours of it, to be specific. That’s enough to separate HuffPost Live from other news sites, but there’s more: HuffPost Live is chock full of interactive features.

The biggest is the “Join This Segment” box, which — if you’re qualififed enough — lets you offer your two cents on whatever is being discussed by the HuffPost anchors. Yes, HuffPost Live is going to put everyone on the same level as the experts, the celebrities and more.

“From the beginning, one of our goals has been to try and create the most social video experience possible,” said Roy Sekoff, president and co-creator of HuffPost Live. “And that means putting the HuffPost community front and center in everything we do, including having them join us live on the air.  The idea is to provide a platform to people whose voices aren’t normally heard in the traditional media.”

This could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your viewpoint. Some people like hearing what every single random person thinks about a subject; some don’t. Because of that, HuffPost Live will definitely be a site that people either love or hate.