The Hollywood Reporter Relaunch Is Finally Here

It’s the day a lot of us have been curious about. The Hollywood Reporter has finally relaunched its print product as a new glossy magazine. Kind of a weird time to launch, now that we think about, since the news is going to get swallowed up by the election.

Anyway, first thoughts: that’s a whole lot of white women. A lot of white in general really. Haven’t gotten a look at it in person yet, but we’re a little skeptical after seeing the online version.

As far as the actual contents, here’s what’s inside, according to THR’s website:

The Great Late-Night Poll: An exclusive look at America’s late-night viewing appetites, conducted through a widespread poll by the global research company Penn Schoen Berland in time for Conan O’Brien’s eagerly awaited first appearance on TBS on Nov. 8.

Dancing With the Stars: An oral history of the show’s less-than-glitzy beginnings as it celebrates its 200th episode Tuesday night. A show no one in the business wanted at first, the execs and agent involved in the decision to take a chance on the diamond in the rough describe the drama, and how it went on to become the No. 1 show on TV this fall.

Tron Legacy: An exclusive first look at the costumes before the Dec. 17 release of Tron Legacy.

—  Marvel: A 3,800-word account of its executives, its ruthless negotiations with talent and how they pulled themselves out of bankruptcy to dominate Hollywood.

The King’s Speech: The first in our Anatomy of a Contender series, this story focuses on the incredible unknown screenwriter who wrote the screenplay in his 60s — and landed his first agent in his 70s.

Nina Tassler: The first of our interviews for Executive Suite, a regular feature where the most successful and interesting people in Hollywood are interviewed, the CBS Entertainment president — who’s led the network to five straight weeks of ratings victory — talks Twitter feeds, sharing credit for success and how she spends her day.

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